Group of Purine Metabolism Disorders


Marie Zikánová



Veronika Barešová



Václava Škopová



Matyáš Krijt

Ph.D. student


Olga Součková

Ph.D. student



The group studies the pathology and physiology of purine metabolism, especially de novo purine synthesis (DNPS).

Currently, the group’s research focuses on the preparation and determination of DNPS metabolites and capturing new, as yet undescribed disorders in a population of patients with neurological impairments that have not yet been diagnosed. We prepared and characterized CRISPR-Cas9 genome-edited HeLa cells deficient for particular steps of DNPS to model the possible genetically determined defects of the DNPS enzymes.

We also specialize in the study of the purinosome, the multi-protein complex DNPS enzymes. Our goal is to prepare a model system for in vivo study of the dynamic formation of purinosome and the molecular changes in physiological and pathological conditions.

Previously, the group focused on the adenylosuccinate (ADSL) lyase deficiency, a rare inherited metabolic disease of DNPS and purine nucleotide cycle.
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