Biochemical laboratory

The laboratory performs the biochemical laboratory diagnosis of inherited metabolic disorders at the level of metabolites and enzymes. This diagnosis includes about 50 qualitative, quantitative and profile method of metabolites analysis and about 10 methods for the activity of various enzymes. (TABLE 1)

The part of Biochemical laboratory – Laboratory for newborn screening investigates about 80,000 newborns (dried blood spots) a year using tandem mass spectrometry.



Karolína Pešková. MSc. (email: karolina.peskova @

Petr Chrastina, MSc. (email: petr.chrastina @


Accreditation, external quality assessment

Biochemical laboratory is accredited according to CSN EN ISO 15189:2013 and participates annually in external quality assessment schemes (ERNDIM, UK NEQUAS, INSTAND, MPS QAS, CDC). We organize ERNDIM Diagnostic Proficiency Testing to other laboratories in Europe.