OPHGENTR - About the project

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Project: Development of Czech Norwegian partnership in ophthalmology, genotoxicity, and transplant medicine research

ID: 7F16004, acronym: OPHGENTR

Project Promoter: Charles University

Principal Investigator:

Laboratory of the Biology and Pathology of the Eye at The Charles University in Prague

Project Partners:

Health Effects Laboratory, Environmental Chemistry Department, NILU-Norwegian Institute

for Air Research, Kjeller, Dr. Mária Dušinská, PhD.

This project stimulates establishing of new and developing of already existing bilateral relations between Czech and Norwegian researchers in ophthalmology, genotoxicity and transplant medicine fields. On the basis of new projects and partners it intends to extend existing and running bilateral relations developed in the frame of project EYEFORTX. Specifically it focuses on a collaboration between Charles University (CU) as a promoter, Norwegian partner (Norwegian Institute for Air Research, NILU), but also scientists from other institutes (Oslo University Hospital – OUH, General Teaching Hospital in Prague, University Hospital Královské Vinohrady, Academy of sciences of Czech Republic) are involved.

The proposal includes four distinct initiatives (Initiative A, B, C, D), which should be realised within the period 01/01/2017 and 30/04/2017.

Initiative A represents a work trip of Norwegian scientists to a meeting organised at the institute of the promoter. The goal is to establish a plan of collaboration orientation in preparation of eye transplants for the next years. Lectures for wide public will be organised during the visit.

Initiative B includes a work study of Ph.D. student at Norwegian institutes, which shall allow acquiring of new scientific knowledge, establishing of contacts with Norwegian colleagues and get an experience. Specifically it will concern the evaluation of DNA damage (NILU) and tissue preparation for grafting (OUH).

Initiative C: Meeting of Czech and Norwegian scientists in Oslo, organised by NILU. It will include a seminar with presentation of results, a round table discussion and visit of a Dry Eye Clinic. Following opened interdisciplinary meeting with researchers from OUH and Oslo University shall be a platform for foundation for establishing of new collaboration.

Initiative D will focus on support of publicity concerning the Chez-Norwegian programme by its presentation to a wide public. We intend to prepare a set of lectures accompanied by a movie covering the concerned topic. The target audience will be the wide public interested in eye disease. The project realisation will enrich the quality and the extent of Czech-Norwegian collaboration in concerned fields and it will allow tightening of existing and establishing of new relationships between Czech and Norwegian scientific community.

  • Initiative A (January 2017) – visit of two Norwegian scientists in Prague - NEWS
  • Initiative B (February 2017) – short term stay of Ph.D. Student (Ingrida Smeringaiova) in Norway in the laboratory NILU - NEWS
  • Initiative C (April 2017)Meeting of Czech and Norwegian scientists in Oslo
  • Initiative D (April 2017) – preparation of a set of lectures accompanied by a movie covering the concerned topic in ophthalmology



Principal Investigator: Katerina Jirsova, PhD.

E-mail: katerina.jirsova@lf1.cuni.cz, tel: 0022496 7238

Project Administrator: Kristyna Matejkova, DiS.

E-mail: kristyna.matejkova@lf1.cuni.cz, tel: 0022496 4264


EEA and Norwey grants:http://eeagrants.org/programme/view/CZ09/PA23

Project Promoter: www.cuni.cz