Laboratory of the Biology and Pathology of the Eye

Head of the laboratory:

assoc. prof. Kateřina Jirsová, Ph.D.


Laboratory members:

Kristýna Brejchová, Ph.D.

Andrea Stádniková, Ph.D.
Petra Lišková, MD, Ph.D. Ľubica Ďuďáková, MSc.
Stanislava Reinštein-Merjavá, Ph.D. Viera Veselá, MD
Ivana Rybičková, MD, Ph.D. Šárka Kalašová

The laboratory is engaged in basic and applied research in the biology and pathology of the eye. The main research areas include the characterization of pathological processes of the cornea and conjunctiva, particularly dry eye syndrome, limbal stem cell deficiency and keratoconus. LBPE studies the molecular and cellular changes (characterization of gene expression, the identification of genes, pathogenic mutations and the presence of abnormal proteins) responsible for the development of keratoconus and monogenic ocular disorders in order to determine the mechanisms of their pathogenesis. LBPE also deals with the preparation of tissues for grafting in ophthalmosurgery as well as experimental and preclinical research into the cellular and molecular mechanisms of rejection and keratolysis. The aim is to reduce the number of graft failures in patients after corneal transplantation, to prepare grafts with decreased immunogenicity and to develop specialized cell grafts for patients with limbal stem cell deficiency or endothelial defects.

The laboratory is also involved in the clinical care of patients with genetically-based diseases of the eye and the laboratory diagnosis of dry eye syndrome and limbal stem cell deficiency. For patients with dry eye disease, the laboratory prepares autologous serum.


Grant support:


MŠMT (2011-2014)

Comparison of autologous serum and umbilical cord serum eye drops for the treatment of ocular surface defects


GAČR (2012-2014)

Identification and characterization of a novel gene causing corneal endothelial dystrophies